Our Mission

Our mission is simply to spread more kindness to the world! The world is such a divided place these days! We all need to just step back, realize we are all humans and that we're all in this together! Do an act of kindness in honor of Crew (or another child taken too soon) for someone that you wouldn't normally do! Ask that the person who received the favor to pay it forward instead of paying it back to you! Make sure to tell them about this site so they can read our story and join in. Let's see how far we can spread this movement!

Once you do a favor, head over to our Acts of Kindness page and let us know! It's not bragging because the favors aren't from you, they are from Crew or another baby that was taken too soon.

Did someone do a favor for you? Tell us about that on our Acts of Kindness page as well and pay it forward!

Not able to do a favor today? Share this site with someone so that they can!

Together we can change the world one small act at a time!

Here is a printable page of cards that you can print at home. Do a favor, hand out a card! Hopefully we can get more people on board with our movement!

Pay it Forward for Crew Kindness Cards

Follow our Pay it Forward for Crew page on Facebook for updates as well!

Use hast tag #payitforwardforcrew to keep the movement rolling!